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Saturday, June 18, 2005

David Dockery's Poor Taste!

In a Baptist Press article published two days after Stanley Grenz, a Baptist theologian, died, David Dockery wrote about his "friend." I was shocked and saddened as I read it. First, because I have admired Grenz as a person since I met him several years back and this news really impacted me. Second, I'm so glad that David Dockery isn't going to eulogize me after I die.! Most of the article concentrated on Dockery's disagreements with Grenz's theology.

That's one of the real problems I have with evangelical Baptists, they are so concerned with "truth" that it distorts their understanding of what's really important. This article almost came off as an apology by Dockery for having a "heretical" friend like Stanley. It seems that Dockery was afraid that if he just voiced his love for his friend, his evangelical brothers would have doubted his orthodoxy.

Here's my eulogy for Stanley Grenz:
Thanks for sharing your love for Christ with me. I found your Pietism delightful and compelling. Thanks for emphasizing the love of God and the need for community. You will be missed by many. The world is a better place for having been blessed by your presence.

Love you,


At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like Dockery was disappointed at Grenz' abandonment of a systematic focus on ALL of God's attributes (love, mercy, justice, etc.) to focus almost exclusively on one. I didn't think he was embarrassed at being friends with such a "heretic" at all. He highlighted areas where he agreed, but also noted some areas of disagreement.

At 2:15 PM, Blogger Howie Luvzus said...

I agree that Dockery was disappointed in Grenz theology. That's ok with me. I don't believe everything that Grenz espoused either. It's just that two days after his death, I think it's more appropriate to celebrate a friend's life. Not demonstrate weaknesses of his theology.
Who am I to judge? I'm not condemning Dockery, I've heard that he is a wonderful man. But, his commentary reveals the often destructive mentality of many evangelicals who simply can't say good things about someone without having to also demonstrate their disagreement.
If my commentary came off as rude or unloving it was unitnentional. I've just started this place where destructive behavior by Christians can be critiqued in love.

At 2:12 PM, Blogger D.R. said...

Just between us and this is complete hearsay, I think Dockery was pressured by the establishment to do this (though I imagine it was his decision on timing and word choice and so forth) because of his close relationship with Grenz in the past and Grenz departure from his former theological positions. It's been rumored that Dockery didn't get the Southwestern or Southeastern presidencies because of this friendship. I think it was pretty crappy of Dockery as well and I'm a Union alum.


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