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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Feeling Judged and Hurt by Christians?

Jen emailed me a few days ago and we have become good friends. She said that I could tell you about her story. I'll comment on it later. Please don't post anything that might be negative or condemning. She's already heard all of that she needs to hear. Here is her first email:

Dear Howie,

I saw your site and thought you might like to hear my story. When I was 16 I did a really terrible thing. I got pregnant. My boyfriend and I went farther than we needed to, obviously, and I felt pressured by him to go all the way. We both went to the same church which was Baptist. People in the church started talking bad about me right away. Even though my mom had all of her baby showers for when she had me and my brothers in the church, I was not allowed to. When my mom asked the pastor if we could have the shower in the church he was nice and all but said it might get him into trouble. The youth director sent me a letter and said he would pray for me but that I was no longer a youth since I had a baby and couldn’t come to their events. I cried and cried. The youth no longer called me or asked me to their parties but my boyfriend who broke up with me when he heard the bad news was able to go on youth trips and stuff.

I haven’t been to church since then. I feel like they think they are better than me. I’m sorry for what I did. I know it’s wrong. I believe in Jesus and I want to go to church but I live in a small town and everyone will talk about me. Even though this happened three years ago I can’t get over it. Please pray for me.



At 10:07 PM, Blogger Bigger than Me said...

Howie, could you just let Jen know that there is a family in Chicago that is pissed off for her, that praying for her and her child tonight, and that would absolutely love to welcome her to a community of Christ followers (and by that I mean aggregous sinners that deserve no less than death for our actions, yet have been granted grace anyhow.) The judgement out there in this big old world is harsh, and some of the absolute worst of it comes from folks that feel like it is somehow within thier rights to condemn, and jugde, and beat down brutally with words and actions, so long as it is in the name of if that somehow makes it okay. Just let her know that there is a family in Chicago that knows how hard her life is, how raising a child alone is a huge job, and that she is being admired as we speak, and lifted up for her courage.
always, katie


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