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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Geez Magazine is Coming!

From the website:

"Geez magazine has set up camp on the fringes of faith. It is a refuge and inspiration for people of restless faith and blessed instinct.

__It is welcome relief for over-churched souls who are ready for compassionate, resistant and spiritually viable ways of living in our world.

__While it defies the unholy alliance between church, state, market and military, it also seeks the points at which contemplative vigor emerges at the front lines of social change.

__It laments how civilized souls sacrifice meaning for convenience. And it celebrates the spiritual disciplines of biking and planting radishes.

__Geez inhabits a little piece of the spiritual commons. A place where a prevailing individualized spirituality is replaced with a co-operative spirit and Christian community.

At its best, Geez diversifies the myths by which we live, expressing fluency in image, symbol and word."


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