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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Get the Boy a Leash!

I received the following comment from Joe Kennedy about a recent post.
Are the democrats really more verbose? Seriously. What is your purpose with this article? To prove that there are equally ridiculous people on all sides, even the moderates? What's the point in posting things like that? So what if the kid yells out "Howard Dean is gay!"? People are people. Let the guy do his thing, you do yours, right? Believe it or not, and this is something I'm having to work on, there's something about picking your battles. Poverty? Yeah. Genocide? Definitely. Some kid mocking Howard Dean? Give me a break.

One of the biggest shots toward "conservatives" is that they are portrayed as being hostile toward the left, that they are always out speaking negatively toward the left. The same is true for the "liberals." Activists too. Maybe instead of mocking people or posting derogatory articles, maybe you should offer insight into how to remedy things.

I think you do more harm for your cause by posting this junk than good. Those of us who might be moderate or Christ-like conservatives (the real compassionate conservatives) are more likely to see you as one of those leftists who just want to be hostile. Certainly they do not want to solve any problems, just complain about them.

Just a thought or three.
I was shocked at Joe's response. I never intended to look like I feel like conservatives are bad and non-conservatives are good. I was just having a little fun. However, I really do think I came off as a bit (OK a BIG) jerk. D.R. has also chastised me a time or two.

I could write these guys off as too sensitive and keep blasting, but I'm honored that they read my blog and care enough to make thoughtful, Christ-like suggestions. I do want to make a difference somehow. Hang around guys! Keep me honest. Sometimes my sarcasm comes across as arrogance. Know that I'm not arrogant. I am keenly aware of my own shortcomings.

In pointing out harmful issues, I don't want to engage in harmful speech myself. I'm just pretty passionate about certain issues.




At 7:56 PM, Blogger joe kennedy said...

man we're all like that. i understand your passion. lately i've been coming across the same way, and i wish someone would invent some kind of "online tone indicator." yeah, i'm a geek. anyway, that would be great- so nobody got upset without reason.

now back to homework. i may never finish. have a good one.

At 9:42 AM, Blogger D.R. said...


Thanks for your honesty and your humility in writing this and you willingness to let people critique you. I wish I was more accepting of criticism myself. It goes against our nature, however, to take it well. Still, that is our struggle and our calling. To show Christ in everything, even when we are told we are wrong. Thanks for modeling that for us.

Additionally, I do think you have brought up several points on your blog that conservative Christians and especially establishmentarian Southern Baptists need to hear and take heed to. Unfortuantely many will not if they can just write you off as a liberal. I think you can seriously critique many problems and I think the time for sitting on the sidelines and letting the leadership of the SBC hamstring us into resolutions and proposals that we feel are contrary to our convictions must now be over. Still we must be careful to not allow anyone else to write us off, but to provide Biblical foundations for what we say and present a spiritual life that cannot be realistically questioned.

So thanks for being a humble example to all of us.


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