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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thanks to Marty Duren at the SBC Outpost!

I found some really helpful rules for responsible blogging at Marty's blog. I've adapted a few, and added a few of my own. I'm hoping that Joe and D.R. will keep me honest! Here goes!

What I hope to accomplish
1. Provide critiques of actions or opinions that Christians share that are de-humanizing or dishonorable to God or God’s creation.
2. Provide political or social commentary on issues that de-humanize or hurt God’s creation.
3. Provide information and links to articles and blogs that are more important than my own.
4. Deal with issues and ideas while leaving God to deal with people.
5. Provide humor and levity to someone’s day occasionally.
6. Sometimes provide a perspective that you don't read anywhere else.
7. Engage in profitable dialogue with those who disagree with my views and with those who share my views.

What I hope to avoid
1. Self promotion.
2. Wasting my time and yours.
3. Crossing the line from sarcasm and satire, both of which can be used effectively in making points, to sheer meanness.
4. Humor that is not evident in the reading.
5. Name-calling (Lord help me on this one!) and denigrating one’s character.


At 6:49 AM, Blogger martyduren said...

Good job Howie and thanks for the HT.

I also have been listening to "X & Y." I think White Shadows is one of the all time greats, but X & Y, the song, is one of the all time worsts. Sheesh.

Have a good one Dude, and don't forget to pray for me.


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