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Saturday, September 03, 2005

George W. and Katrina: One New Orleanian's Perspective

George W. Bush is one helluva nice guy. What I say of him yesterday did not surprise me. He is a very compassionate and honest guy. I have been very critical of his administration in the past. I will continue to critique it when it offends me. Not every time...I've got a lot of other things to do!

The problem with Bush is that he surrounds himself with incompetent persons who lie about what they are doing. Bush's real problem is that he believes them. Yesterday, he was the only one in his administration to say that the effort in NO wasn't doing well. However, he didn't look over his shoulder at the FEMA guy and the Homeland Security guy (sorry, I'm just too tired to look all this up) and say "You have failed a lot of people." He doesn't hold people (Karl Rove) accountable! My guess is that the FEMA guy and the HS guy will get medals after this is over!

George--you're a nice guy. However, we don't need a nice guy to lead our country. We need someone who will admit to his or her mistakes and do the right thing! The New Orleans debacle is a microcosim of you presedency--one screw up after another--but Americans have cut you slack because you are sincere.


At 3:14 AM, Blogger lostnacfgop said...

Well Howie I cannot say one way or the other if you're right about W's sincerity or compassion. He most assuredly stays on the same course, and never admits it when he's made a bum decision.

In one very real sense he's like a cultured pearl version of Reagan. Everyone around him wants so badly to have another "Great Communicator," - a President who could switch on and deliver the lines like a journeyman actor could. So, what the handlers do is try to cultivate that in the relatively inarticulate GWB, by handpicking the audiences at his events, stage crafting (the "Mission Accomplished" banner and the flight suit at his most notorious appearance in my home town comes to mind) and when that's not enough, stacking the press corps with slow pitch soft-ballers (Armstrong Williams, Jeff Gannon-no-Guckert-no-what's-he-calling-himself-this-week, and the prison-dwelling Judy Miller). There's even some blogger stuff out there suggesting that the most recent trip to the damaged areas was one contrivance after another.

This stuff can work - at times. It was enough, apparently, to best what the Dems offerred in '04. Time will tell if it is enough to deal with the profound human misery that is this disaster, one which does not (like 9/11) have an easily identifiable perpetrator and focus object of scorn and hatred, but instead may have any one of a hundred adoptive and surrogate parents, including people from within his own administration (himself included) who sat on their hands - or played golf, tennis or fished, while people literally clung to the rafters in order to survive.


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